madison moon

About the Artist

Madison Moon is a surrealist artist born in San Diego, California and later raised in Texas. At a young age, Moon began drawing strange looking things and took an interest in art. In school, they took the mandatory art classes for credits but found that they disliked the constraints of art lessons and often rebelled; and got in trouble for that many times. 

Their rebellious nature attracted them to shock art, surrealist art, erotic art, and even oddly enough traditional art. Moon's favorite art style is surrealism because they believe it allows artists to truly say what they want, in a disturbing or whimsical way, and hide behind symbolism. Moon's art is inspired by nature, love, the Universe, the world around them, sex, mental struggles, media, and being a queer black person. 

Moon loves to create art that is beautiful, colorful, inclusive, and represents them as well as others. Through their art, Moon hopes that they heal those around them and make people feel happy.